When I was a kid I preferred to be by myself, but I always felt the need to communicate with people through music. I attended many concerts and performed and in local theatres.
A gift of a keyboard from my mother, engendered a desire to write songs. Now I have several hundred. I have selected ten of them for my first professional English-language album. Ten songs that in my opinion, most accurately tell about me now.
During my relatively short life, there have been several important events including the completion of 1.5 years of work on first album which I gave the name "The 1st symphony" and second EP album "Trilogy" where I am also the songwriter/producer/singer and mixing/mastering engineer.
I am very proud of this work and I’m excited for you to hear it!

Music has always been and will remain my essence.
Music - is the soul of the world.
Music - is all of us!


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