My Story

Dmitry started his professional singing career at 15 after winning 2nd place in the “International Delphic Games”. 
Between 2004 and 2006 Dmitry appeared in several Russian reality television shows: First “Star Factory” and later “Five Stars.” 
Dmitry joined the cast  of  “Five Stars” for a national concert tour following the shows finale. During this time he had top hit single “Blizkie” that played in full rotation on DFM radio throughout Russia and Ukraine. 
In 2008 Dmitry formed his first band “PlomBear" with whom he recorded several Russian pop songs including “All Through The Night”  and “Star” who’s video received much airplay throughout Russia on MTV, Muz TV and other Music channels. Dmitry and PlomBear toured for 5 years.
In the Spring of 2014 Dmitry left Moscow for NYC to develop his new sound and launch his career as a solo artist.
Showcasing a new sound and band, Dmitry premiered his new material at at an SIR studio unplugged concert in the fall of 2014, followed by a full concert headlining at The Cutting Room in spring 2015.
In August 2015 Dmitry released his first english speaking single “Open your eyes”.

Dmitry's first album "The 1st symphony" was released in October 2016.

On January 7th  2018 DMITRY launched a new single in English and Russian called “Come Over”.

Dmitry's second EP album "Trilogy" was released in August 2019.